On Farm Services

Our facilities onsite allow for on-farm breeding via Artificial Insemination, Year Round Agistment, Foaling, Weaning and Yearling Preparation.

Supporting our team in these tasks is the highly experienced Veterinary team from the Auckland Veterinary Centre (AVC). Located only 15 minutes from the main Stud, AVC was established by Andrew and Charles in 1985. The Veterinary Practice offers the Stud access to some of New Zealand's best Equine Vets. Working alongside Andrew in both the Breeding Barn and to carry out the day to day Veterinary requirements on farm are Haydn Jamieson, Catherine Pemberton, Liv Gibson and Petra Stegehuis. You can find out more about the team here

Your Mare

Woodlands offers the best quality care for your mares and foals while at stud. Studmaster Tony Grayling has many years experience covering all aspects of the Horse Industry. You can be assured that your mare will receive the professional attention required to help her conceive. Breeding your mare is easy at Woodlands Stud. Once you have decided which stallion you would like, call our agents or book online. Chilled semen transport is available for our stallions American Ideal, Bettor's Delight, Highview Tommy, Sweet Lou, What The Hill, Downbytheseaside and Pegasus Spur. 

Artificial Breeding

To comply with our export requirements as a semen export facility no mare is served naturally at Woodlands Stud. Our laboratory is first class and we use the latest technology and reproductive techniques to maximise the fertility of the stallions and give your broodmare every chance of getting in foal. Your mare's cycle will be tracked by ultrasound examination by a veterinarian to ensure she is inseminated at the optimum time to maximise the chance of conception. In the unlikely event we encounter any major breeding issues with your mare and doing an Embryo Transfer (ET) is recommended by our Veterinary Team we will work with Lee Morris of Equibreed to carry this out. 

Foaling Service

Woodlands offers a foaling night-watch service. We have dedicated staff on duty to ensure the utmost attention (and assistance when required) is given to your mare and foal both during foaling and in those precious first few hours. With experienced night-watch staff and the vets on 24 hour call you can rest assured that your Mare is in safe hands. Even if you are not planning to breed your mare again this season, you can take advantage of this valuable service. 


We offer year round or breeding season only agistment for your stock. Horses are kept on quality pasture in safe paddocks and supplemented baleage and Dunstan Hard Feed depending on their requirements. We work with closely with Gretal and the team from Dunstan feeds to ensure all stock are meeting their nutritional requirements throughout their different stages of growth and development. 


If you chose to leave your mare and foal with us post foaling we can wean your foal for you. During this time the foal will be taught to tie up, lead, have its feet trimmed, become familiar with being stable and covered. 

Yearling Preparation

We are happy to discuss taking clients stock through to the annual PGG Wrightson Yearling Sales in February. As the Sales Topping Preparer of the Auckland Sales for several years we have earned ourselves the reputation of producing well mannered, well handled, quality horses. We believe the foundation of a balanced diet and first class handling from Day One gives all our horses that Sales Topping edge. Following a Winter and Spring of being covered and hard fed, the draft begin a daily routine of handling, grooming, stabling and exercise on the walker in early December. 


Semen Transport

Semen can be transported from all our stallions around NZ and Australia. Woodlands is a certified base for exportation of semen to Australia . Chilled fresh semen transport is available for American Ideal, Bettor's Delight, Highview Tommy, Sweet Lou, What The Hill, Downbytheseaside and Pegasus Spur. The shuttle stallions are available from the middle of September until the end of January when they return to the Northern Hemisphere. Fresh semen for Highview Tommy and Pegasus Spur is available later than end of January because they are resident in NZ all year. 

In NZ studs collect and ship semen every second day in a rotation of Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun, Tues, Thurs, Sat, etc. Fresh chilled semen can be sent to any recognised semen base, stud or equine vet in New Zealand or Australia. We expect studs to respect the service we provide by careful examination of the mare to select the day of service to maximise the conception rate. 


Pedigree Matching

If you require pedigree matching for your mare and our stallions just contact the stud by email or phone or you can do a Tesio Test Mating here

You can download our our current rates for on farm services below